Onwards, ever onwards 

Bits and pieces, always bits and pieces The vaguest taste here and there Never the whole real love to encompass me I grasp at straws, they turn to dust Left alone to feel alone The alcohol burns as it goes down A last reminder of a date some while ago, And another too, shorter time away Now it’s gone – the last drop drunk I move on; don’t care anymore They broke the bond, my focus restored to me Life goes on, always, indisputably so… A small hope lives on in my fantasy world Things are changing; new adventures await … Continue reading Onwards, ever onwards 

Faded Distractions 

Breaking dawn, the tears spill out Alone with my thoughts All distractions over Burlesque show, tiki drinks, dancing Hours of entertainment, the high now finished The status quo unchanged  Undesired, unwooed by nonexistent worthy prospects Unmoved by few unsavory flatterers In my heart of hearts I’m a ten For all intents and purposes I’m a zero Continue reading Faded Distractions 

Human Condition

How many people just sitting at a table? How many listening to music? How many eating, dancing, writing, speaking Sad, happy, excited, frustrated, angry, overjoyed Sleepy, tired, distraught, lonely… Whilst each is unique the human condition unites If we could read thoughts it would be so easy to fully understand each other To heal the broken To succor the sad To solace the lonely To console the fearful To spread the cheer of the happy We would create a genuine utopia It’s hard to remember that you are not alone In sadness, heartbreak, lethargy etc. Unsavory thoughts always creep through If … Continue reading Human Condition