Cruel Life

Remember the fear, sadness, insecurity The hidden world of nascent pictures What do they reveal now? My talent matured, ever the taskmaster prodigious I search for a whole new world… I appear put together, confident, content Though a beacon of cheer for those who cross my path, A temporary reprieve from the internal chaos The truth – I’m crumbled with unfulfilled longing My sadness still bleeds from internal cuts… How ironic the pictures shine brighter now Creating masterpieces effortlessly, They garner unadulterated amazement from viewers Wooing the world as I do, who will woo me? Advertisements Continue reading Cruel Life

Faded Distractions 

Breaking dawn, the tears spill out Alone with my thoughts All distractions over Burlesque show, tiki drinks, dancing Hours of entertainment, the high now finished The status quo unchanged  Undesired, unwooed by nonexistent worthy prospects Unmoved by few unsavory flatterers In my heart of hearts I’m a ten For all intents and purposes I’m a zero Continue reading Faded Distractions 

Missing Heart

What has happened to my heart? Has it healed and it lies dormant, Or is it that I no longer feel? Empty tears still fall I don’t know what they mean though I am well enough Far better than in months past; The disgraceful offenders left long ago Spring has been very good to me Travel to Boston is set in a few days New friends and mentors instruct alike Unexpected projects are lined up Even talk of collaboration And surely more will be unfurled But what has happened to my heart? I’ve found my soul but the crux is … Continue reading Missing Heart