Sapphires, do I dare beget? Always I’ve desired, though frivolous Could you provide the cheer I seek? Pretty sparkle of my favorite color Might you touch my soul? Blind the emptiness that exists within Your indescribable beauty may do I woo myself in lieu of affection For no valentine to give attention Precious stones I beg of you…succor Advertisements Continue reading Sapphires

Keep Trekking

Walking past the frozen statues of my mind A boy, a man, and lots more all immature They didn’t know what they wanted  But they desired me for a moment or two Lied, tricked, ignored, abandoned, used Seems I’m bereft of any decent males No longer an ingenue and yet the pattern persists No one to woo me, to wine and dine me No flowers, no candy, no gifts, no billet-doux I keep looking though I don’t know why It’s clear I’m cursed for I’m lucky to find a scumbag to see me at all I push on through the … Continue reading Keep Trekking

A Great Day

It will be a great day when I no longer think upon those from the past It will be a great day when I have cause to delete my online dating profile It will be a great day when I am at long last wanted for keeps To be appreciated for my real worth as the rarest gem To be asked out on a real date, (platonic dates don’t count) To be staunchly wooed and pursued with marriage as the end result The day my husband reveals himself to me will be this great day And the deepest void of … Continue reading A Great Day

Missing Heart

What has happened to my heart? Has it healed and it lies dormant, Or is it that I no longer feel? Empty tears still fall I don’t know what they mean though I am well enough Far better than in months past; The disgraceful offenders left long ago Spring has been very good to me Travel to Boston is set in a few days New friends and mentors instruct alike Unexpected projects are lined up Even talk of collaboration And surely more will be unfurled But what has happened to my heart? I’ve found my soul but the crux is … Continue reading Missing Heart

The Ides

The ides of May I begin a new chapter (Audience, know that the ides is not just for March) I’ve long prepared for this juncture The mark of unbridled independence How will it feel? The family can no longer prevent No more coddling, no more controlling One must depend on themselves The weather is fair after the longest winter Time to fly away It’s not just for the birds I always wanted to go, and now I will A turning point, The ides have always reverberated in my soul This date especially, a palindrome 5-15-15 I am sealing the past … Continue reading The Ides