Sapphires, do I dare beget? Always I’ve desired, though frivolous Could you provide the cheer I seek? Pretty sparkle of my favorite color Might you touch my soul? Blind the emptiness that exists within Your indescribable beauty may do I woo myself in lieu of affection For no valentine to give attention Precious stones I beg of you…succor Advertisements Continue reading Sapphires

Travel Here And Now

Travel the world and the seven seas… Changing directions, changing focus No more online dating; froze it Couldn’t quite delete it Save the messages, suspended in precious time capsule Separate conscious self from inner being Revamp my core standards No more intimacy before exclusivity Three mistakes is enough I’m going to spend all my money on me! Chicago, Catalina Island, Greece complete New Hampshire, Norway, Thailand to be Funds are noticeably dwindling now But my devil-may-care attitude screams continue! We are just getting started… Continue reading Travel Here And Now

Sea Comfort

Silent observer on my travels  People engaged and rejoicing  Elevated energy of delight enveloping I feel the gentle sea breeze  Refreshing from the hot summer sun The sound of seagull familiar No cars here like home, but same The smell of the ocean acute Reminds me of youth Growing up on Staten Island Mere blocks from the shore You never forget the smells of your past  Nostalgia, life’s best medicine Continue reading Sea Comfort


I am too cluttered My desk is so messy Far too much to do always Some work stress involved I’d like an easier life Pare down, move away? – Sigh… But I’ve been spending even more I’ve begun my foray into fine dining I know I’ll stop when my group disbands It’s slated for January with the planned leaving of the organizer  I feel a bit of a fraud going I’m not truly a full fledged foodie like the rest I started going to meet people and try new places Now I’m good friends with the host As I have … Continue reading Vacation


I unearthed my little black book And no it is not chock full of boy’s numbers – Ha! My version is from years past collecting scraps of papers and sticky notes Places to visit, websites to investigate, books to read It’s from another life I don’t remember those days But I do remember my resolve One day I would do all those things That day has arrived A coworker foretold a break with my close relative and then… Independence! I’ve booked my trip to Chicago and LA (Catalina Island) My first solo trip by plane next week! Sure, I went … Continue reading Independence


I’ve changed my mind I am now turned off If I have to fight for attention; I don’t want it There are other avenues  To spend my time and thoughts New people steadily present themselves I turn my focus elsewhere I’m not doing this again It never ends well for me Feeling ignored is my cue to cease If I was wanted I would be wooed Better to extract myself now While it’s still possible to disengage seamlessly  Sure the lonely pangs return  When I lose a potential romantic interest Unless I’m pissed which I now am May I stay … Continue reading Pissed

Promise to Travel

Three years it weighed on me: Lack of travel On the ides of May I discovered I would attend a work conference¬† In lieu of the intended person and the usual substitutes¬† I went, I saw, I returned I walked the Freedom Trail, my unfinished business from years past But no longer impressed I love my own city all the more There is no place like NY Still, it’s important to search for new nuggets of inspiration This summer I shall go someplace new No longer hindered by lack of travel companion, I’ve finally forged favorable mindset To travel solo … Continue reading Promise to Travel

Missing Heart

What has happened to my heart? Has it healed and it lies dormant, Or is it that I no longer feel? Empty tears still fall I don’t know what they mean though I am well enough Far better than in months past; The disgraceful offenders left long ago Spring has been very good to me Travel to Boston is set in a few days New friends and mentors instruct alike Unexpected projects are lined up Even talk of collaboration And surely more will be unfurled But what has happened to my heart? I’ve found my soul but the crux is … Continue reading Missing Heart

Self Acceptance

I reached the point in which I’m confident in all my work My writing, my paintings, my photos There is certainly more to explore with paint and photograph to hone my style, But the breakthrough has been made: I finally accepted the designation of artist; I used to argue that I wasn’t whenever someone introduced me as such¬† Because I wasn’t sure of my craft But yesterday when that happened I stopped My usual first reaction was to say, No I’m not an artist But this time, the words died at my lips unvoiced I thought, Why yes, I AM … Continue reading Self Acceptance