Cruel Life

Remember the fear, sadness, insecurity The hidden world of nascent pictures What do they reveal now? My talent matured, ever the taskmaster prodigious I search for a whole new world… I appear put together, confident, content Though a beacon of cheer for those who cross my path, A temporary reprieve from the internal chaos The truth – I’m crumbled with unfulfilled longing My sadness still bleeds from internal cuts… How ironic the pictures shine brighter now Creating masterpieces effortlessly, They garner unadulterated amazement from viewers Wooing the world as I do, who will woo me? Advertisements Continue reading Cruel Life


Rendevous, you signal me most erroneously  Trick me once, trick me twice – don’t trick me thrice! Play on my heartstrings of my deepest desires You are but a shadow, a silhouette against the wall Promising completeness, always out of reach Would that it were more, Oh so much more! I dream and dream in ever disintegrating style I cannot fathom an end to this isolation  What can be done?! Nothing; must lump it Till a pertinent rendevous transpires to assuage Continue reading Rendevous

My Plea

Life, so cruel to dangle sporadic carrots! False hope, a constant herring Why, WHY must the torture continue? Empty existence: no purpose nor love  Bereft of joy, contentment, delight Unrequited passion turned to agony Caged in a lifestyle of no meaning Outwardly comfortable and secure Inwardly pained and shuddering The tears cascade everflowing in secret The soul’s ache persists…. Someone, something save me – I beg you! Continue reading My Plea

The Impossible Dream

The impossible dream… To be loved, cherished, desired by a man Never chosen thus far I don’t have hope anymore It’s an impossible dream… If he did come I wouldn’t believe Just another false herring tossed my way Cruel Lady Life taunting me some more I’ve had enough; I would push him away: He is crazy, can’t be serious, doesn’t mean it Why would he ever want me? Any contender is free to chip away  At the thick layer of sadness that encases me Only the most earnest and true could succeed With passionate unrivaled woo I just don’t believe … Continue reading The Impossible Dream

Faded Distractions 

Breaking dawn, the tears spill out Alone with my thoughts All distractions over Burlesque show, tiki drinks, dancing Hours of entertainment, the high now finished The status quo unchanged  Undesired, unwooed by nonexistent worthy prospects Unmoved by few unsavory flatterers In my heart of hearts I’m a ten For all intents and purposes I’m a zero Continue reading Faded Distractions 


Out of sight, out of mind Yes, I’m terrible Too easily I forget How much do I care? I know you do, deeply You won’t let me go, yes But you can no longer be there for me Not in the same way  You’re no longer here Gone off to your next chapter My new chapter begins too Though a loner once again Surrounded with people Meeting new folk all the time Running the club you passed on No shortage of activities and plans I organize it well, adhere to your ideals I have a purpose, a mission to propagate … Continue reading Fixable?

Immeasurable Hurt

A permanent feeling of being unwanted  The lonely pangs have resurfaced… Tear stained face, heaving shuddering breaths No romantic prospects Doors, windows, trap doors All slammed shut and sealed No one can help me from my suffering Old friends, new friends, family alike  Talking to them doesn’t help Shame to have their love but feel this way No option but to withdraw into myself Constant rejection has scarred me I am not the happy person I once knew Those distant memories are like a dream Locked away in shyness, I had hope  When I broke free all would be well … Continue reading Immeasurable Hurt