The Ultimate Truth

You can only really rely on yourself Sure, others may help from time to time But you’re not their priority Definitely not all the time if ever They don’t understand you either, But impose their views on you nonetheless Invariably lecture, chastise, advise, cajole… And when they’re gone, you’re on your own Steel up now, save trouble later It’s a lonely world with no absolution Advertisements Continue reading The Ultimate Truth

Short Term Friends

Short term friends You won’t stomp on my heart again I know the drill I won’t even dare to think to change your mind How many “friends” will up and leave Never to be heard from again For the amount I’m ignored It’s easy to think you don’t exist And the past never even happened; I’m just crazy and conjured up a story Or rather stories with you as the star I can’t write a real story because I get stuck How can I give a happy ending  When I can’t get it right in life And I wouldn’t want … Continue reading Short Term Friends


It doesn’t matter what I do, How I occupy myself Without the human connection That I’ve always sought Sure, my existence has meaning…for others I always help those that cross my path It never takes much effort to be kind But true happiness eludes me Yes, there are pockets of happy moments But they quickly pass People love me, yes I know But it’s not enough I’m not being greedy; it’s just how I feel Growing up in ignorance I was happy I fully believed the future held the promiseĀ  Now time has passed, far more than I ever imagined … Continue reading Dispirited

The Day Approaches

I have made peace with the most important yet faulty vision Four years ago it came When I was still naive of the promise of life I believed I would hit a hole in one My long wait would yield instant resultĀ  It was a vision that felt cemented I wore the quintessential white gown Nondescript groom was the placeholder Last, the date revealed to me I thought I would just find my guy and that would be it I’d be spared the travails of the dating scene To my shock, disappointment and sadness Long upheld hopes were pummeled I … Continue reading The Day Approaches


I’m starting to think that true love is just a fairy tale, a farce Granted, other differing loves do exist Love for family, friends, pets, possessions, et cetera Finding “the one” is a pipe dream In life you meet differing people and feel yourself compatible Are any of them “the one”? What happens if “the one” doesn’t want you Then you are star crossed lovers In which one person gets the shaft Might as well not exist Yes, I’m now jaded Continue reading Jaded