You don’t reply to my messages? Fizzle. You give false hope; dangle me a carrot? Fizzle I’ll not be your groupie anymore You think I’m in your pocket?  Well no more; I’m no longer interested in you I’ll not contact you again, nor invite you out Whatever inadequate friendship we have can fizzle You might as well not exist for all I care I’ve expended you from my mind now I’m just fine to see you fizzle Advertisements Continue reading Fizzle

Quit It

I treated you the best you’ve ever known You constantly leave me When you’re desperate you run back to me WTF?! I am chopped liver Thanked in the moment But instantly forgotten  I am your guardian angel You take advantage  I can’t say No I won’t ever turn my back on a friend Regardless of how you act  Even if it would put me at odds with family if discovered I’ve saved you twice now You’ve been at the precipice of complete disaster Make up your mind already Be in my life or go away for good Quit jerking me … Continue reading Quit It

Original Forsaker

Spending my money on the fanciest of restaurants  I’ve tasted the food of Michelin stars Traveling here and there too Can’t escape the clutches of the past  Still haunted by images Old visions that didn’t materialize The original one to forsake me Who should have been my one and only My knight in shining armor We had such an intense connection… My sister gave me a keepsake to help find the one Remarkably, the next day our paths crossed on the street again It felt like you were still into me I was a cool cucumber but pleasant enough I … Continue reading Original Forsaker

Making Friends

At the end of the day I can only count on myself Friendships don’t last People move, switch jobs, get married, what have you Or just plain choose to cut me out I’m not exactly sad at this premise anymore I’ve had lots of time to get used to it And those that are active friends Are not going to prioritize me 24-7 I’m better equipped to be alone now I suppose I’m resigned to it I will never understand though  Why I couldn’t make a real friend thru online dating I did make an online friend thru this blog … Continue reading Making Friends


I’ve changed my mind I am now turned off If I have to fight for attention; I don’t want it There are other avenues  To spend my time and thoughts New people steadily present themselves I turn my focus elsewhere I’m not doing this again It never ends well for me Feeling ignored is my cue to cease If I was wanted I would be wooed Better to extract myself now While it’s still possible to disengage seamlessly  Sure the lonely pangs return  When I lose a potential romantic interest Unless I’m pissed which I now am May I stay … Continue reading Pissed