Onwards, ever onwards 

Bits and pieces, always bits and pieces The vaguest taste here and there Never the whole real love to encompass me I grasp at straws, they turn to dust Left alone to feel alone The alcohol burns as it goes down A last reminder of a date some while ago, And another too, shorter time away Now it’s gone – the last drop drunk I move on; don’t care anymore They broke the bond, my focus restored to me Life goes on, always, indisputably so… A small hope lives on in my fantasy world Things are changing; new adventures await … Continue reading Onwards, ever onwards 

Destiny Revisited

Wide eyed curiosity I think of you… Unknown stranger slow and steady you make your way A slight smile plays on my lips Sparkling eyes of hope restored Reminded of an innocent past Too long ago stalwart beliefs imbued I had forgotten… Destiny will play out, despair not I’ve been tested plenty now – I won’t hurt anymore Always more confident; I grow stronger Time peters out as you ever approach  One day my head will lay on your shoulder Baby, at long last we shall be happy… Continue reading Destiny Revisited

Keep Trekking

Walking past the frozen statues of my mind A boy, a man, and lots more all immature They didn’t know what they wanted  But they desired me for a moment or two Lied, tricked, ignored, abandoned, used Seems I’m bereft of any decent males No longer an ingenue and yet the pattern persists No one to woo me, to wine and dine me No flowers, no candy, no gifts, no billet-doux I keep looking though I don’t know why It’s clear I’m cursed for I’m lucky to find a scumbag to see me at all I push on through the … Continue reading Keep Trekking

Renewed Patience

The solo status quo persists But my perspective altered No longer in agony but perplexed New men cross my path Enamored for a moment  Then instantly gone I don’t understand it But no longer saddened  If they leave they don’t deserve me I can’t control so no longer fret Instead curious to what tomorrow brings I look forward to small things like long ago For there are worse lives to lead Like if I was coupled incorrectly Or friendless and talentless Best to wait for my true gentleman To woo me spectacularly and unendingly To have me mind, body and … Continue reading Renewed Patience

A Great Day

It will be a great day when I no longer think upon those from the past It will be a great day when I have cause to delete my online dating profile It will be a great day when I am at long last wanted for keeps To be appreciated for my real worth as the rarest gem To be asked out on a real date, (platonic dates don’t count) To be staunchly wooed and pursued with marriage as the end result The day my husband reveals himself to me will be this great day And the deepest void of … Continue reading A Great Day


I’m not exactly depressed, But I must be speared at the cusp I do cry regularly these days I suppose it’s a general melancholy I’ve made peace with the past; I know it’s over  Nothing grabs my attention these days Things don’t excite me like they should I do enjoy interacting with certain people But then it’s over And I’m back to my own devices and thoughts This morose phase has become my norm Nothing truly distracts I seek a love, a purpose, something! I feel I am stuck in a transitional phase I know it’s necessary, but it’s now … Continue reading Morose


One day my hope is to be wooed, And in the meantime I am content to woo, Those that cross my path like you That possess a spark that excites all through With depth of character and passion too,  I would count you as friend in lieu of romance    Many words writ, images shared, life onwards This thoughtful token affection conveys Gracious aplenty, mistakes were made Tempers flared, tears were shed Tranquility restored, discord is dead; The poignant soul delighted rings Time anew a fresh start brings   Never your enemy, I stood in support Whilst turned to me … Continue reading Feeling


I talked to you today after a brief absence In which I felt ignored Hmm…I didn’t feel anything this time I suppose that’s a good thing To be calm and unaffected Close to bored  The question though is: How will I feel when I see you again? That’s tomorrow Will you suck me back in? In my probably self created fairy tale world One day it will be real though In the meantime I wait (impatiently) at square one Continue reading Uncertain

Come Back

Time and again I felt a fool when I contacted you There is nothing left to say; I’ve said too much Impenetrable silence was always my reward I want no more part of it! Stupid, stupid, stupid… I want to knock my head against the wall  Logic and facts tell me to forget you,  But something draws me back An unexplainable feeling that you return I don’t actually believe it,  But my gut never could be reasoned with Yes, I would take you back in an instant I won’t pretend to deny that truth  I’m sure you know that I’ve … Continue reading Come Back