Destiny Revisited

Wide eyed curiosity I think of you… Unknown stranger slow and steady you make your way A slight smile plays on my lips Sparkling eyes of hope restored Reminded of an innocent past Too long ago stalwart beliefs imbued I had forgotten… Destiny will play out, despair not I’ve been tested plenty now – I won’t hurt anymore Always more confident; I grow stronger Time peters out as you ever approach  One day my head will lay on your shoulder Baby, at long last we shall be happy… Advertisements Continue reading Destiny Revisited

My Passion

Up all night, I feel happy Looking at my Thrillist newsletters Wanting to pick the ideal restaurant To take my good friend out this Saturday I’m feeling generous and want to treat Thinking, where can I travel next? I do believe I might run away with it I have an obsessive nature When I want something, I go for it hard Takes a lot to give up or switch plans My gut is sending excitement waves I have my music blaring alone in my room Some peppy Cyndi Lauper, why not? So many more changes in a span of a … Continue reading My Passion