The veil of friendship is what remains… I don’t respect you, I don’t quite hate you I find your existence inconsequential Regardless of past experiences Overinflated in prominence in your head You operate in your selfish bubble, Close your eyes and ears to reason;  You’ve found your place among fellow pissants One day you shall awake and be saddened A robust friendship disintegrated to farce by your hand Advertisements Continue reading Consequence


I won’t ask you to choose; I step aside How deep does the friendship even go? I don’t trust anyone to stay or take my side My heart is a ghost town no longer capable of love My mantra: Out of sight out of mind I am unbearably needy and insecure I only know how to be alone  Why ever get close? But I forget myself, I slip up and do Then I bang my head in horror  And I have to back away This relentless back and forth tears me up inside No one can give me what I … Continue reading Wayside

True Love Friend

My current best male friend You are such a sweetheart  It’s only been a year  That we fully bonded But it feels much longer You entirely support me Your humorous antics charm Even when you deliberately annoy me You give excellent advice  Are far smarter than you believe Provide a new unexpected perspective  That always awes me I trust you fully Even though I don’t hear from you daily I know you care And even love me so I never imagined we would get so close From the time that we first met I was too shy to even talk … Continue reading True Love Friend

Accursed Pull

Leave them alone Don’t contact They are dead to you They don’t want you They won’t be friends They will only ignore you You talk to yourself with each message sent They won’t talk It’s like the past never happened Fight the urge to contact The insane pull to be friends They won’t date you, and it’s fine But the need for acknowledgement continues As someone who should matter I don’t need to see them But I must be heard It wouldn’t kill them to respond Why can’t we be friends? I never wronged them On the contrary, I helped … Continue reading Accursed Pull

A True Love

Treasured friend, confidant, you have my love. Only boy I ever liked that did not leave me. Missing confidence I did friend zone you, or so you thought, and so it seemed. When you were near, I did woo with little notes and little gifts. You called me your Queen, I called you my Prince, all in good fun. You never realized the why for my special treatment, though did ask. I replied, you were my favorite, but the truth escaped you. Round about I did ask out, hid the truth and you could not be tempted. When you moved … Continue reading A True Love