Sapphires, do I dare beget? Always I’ve desired, though frivolous Could you provide the cheer I seek? Pretty sparkle of my favorite color Might you touch my soul? Blind the emptiness that exists within Your indescribable beauty may do I woo myself in lieu of affection For no valentine to give attention Precious stones I beg of you…succor Advertisements Continue reading Sapphires

Shades of Blue

Cerulean, Teal, Royal, Azure, Midnight, Turquoise How you speak to me, You soothe me like no other The color of the cavernous sea, Creatures spring forth from your mysterious depths The breast of peacock resonates deeply within Oh, how it transfixes with its shimmery blue hue! Its bespeckled plumage frames that gorgeous centerpiece of chest So fitting, that vivacious color for such a noble bird. The color of blue jeans, there is no higher function That comfortable denim, envelops the body A pocket here, a pocket there, I keep my possessions Nothing feels more secure Zesty, smooth, teasing color I … Continue reading Shades of Blue