Unexpected Improv

Oh what a night! Chosen randomly to participate in an improv from the audience, And I killed it! There was a handsome man, a GREAT actor that made me believe That he loved me… Held my hands, Bended knee and… Proposed – AHHH!! I tell you if I was a lesser female, I would have fainted – SWOON! And he did it twice as “Mom” missed it with the camera He held me close for quite a bit And even kissed my cheek/neck Sigh…I’m not used to such affection and attention All I can say is WOW… The best that … Continue reading Unexpected Improv


It’s starting to sink in My confidence has grown Dare I say my work is gorgeous?! Practice and encouragement are the key Wonderful people surround me To bring out and hone my talent Contented sigh… I’m turning a corner Don’t need a DSLR nor want¬† iPhone 6 and my point and shoot are superb They suit my purposes to create eye catching art Strangers on Instagram like my photos; I have arrived ¬† Continue reading Satisfaction


I hesitate to talk to engage my model Still unsure of my talent Intimidated to hold the “real” cameras My trusty point and shoot astounds though Everyone is so sweet and supportive To marvel at my photos Are they being too nice, or am I needlessly suspicious? I’ve met new people and made new friends Each class session is a joy Will this become a new obsession? Continue reading Learning