Cruel Life

Remember the fear, sadness, insecurity The hidden world of nascent pictures What do they reveal now? My talent matured, ever the taskmaster prodigious I search for a whole new world… I appear put together, confident, content Though a beacon of cheer for those who cross my path, A temporary reprieve from the internal chaos The truth – I’m crumbled with unfulfilled longing My sadness still bleeds from internal cuts… How ironic the pictures shine brighter now Creating masterpieces effortlessly, They garner unadulterated amazement from viewers Wooing the world as I do, who will woo me? Advertisements Continue reading Cruel Life


Rendevous, you signal me most erroneously  Trick me once, trick me twice – don’t trick me thrice! Play on my heartstrings of my deepest desires You are but a shadow, a silhouette against the wall Promising completeness, always out of reach Would that it were more, Oh so much more! I dream and dream in ever disintegrating style I cannot fathom an end to this isolation  What can be done?! Nothing; must lump it Till a pertinent rendevous transpires to assuage Continue reading Rendevous

Faded Distractions 

Breaking dawn, the tears spill out Alone with my thoughts All distractions over Burlesque show, tiki drinks, dancing Hours of entertainment, the high now finished The status quo unchanged  Undesired, unwooed by nonexistent worthy prospects Unmoved by few unsavory flatterers In my heart of hearts I’m a ten For all intents and purposes I’m a zero Continue reading Faded Distractions 

End of Summer

My hair grows longer and curlier The weather is shifting from unbearable heat  The first cool breezes reminiscent of early fall have begun How will the last remaining month of summer end? A lot has happened since spring arrived Three months ago I had no concept on how to be an exhibiting artist I enrolled in this photo class I blindly invited people to a class’ end showcase without having any idea I stressed and agonized for weeks I finally traveled solo and got great shots Time still raced to fight to prepare successfully, and I have It’s late but … Continue reading End of Summer

Photo Show

I’ve chewed my nail to the quick, one so far The stress of preparing, I’m a child again biting my nails Ten weeks of class have flown by Merely days remain for our solo and group show My favorite shots selected, spending a small fortune  Printing and reprinting to get the optimal look Struggling with nonexistent photoshop skills, (I’ve never used it before!) Uncertain toiling has born fruit, now I am soothed; I feel ready to display my work A natural high for six hours will commence 3.5 for setup, 2 for event, .5 for cleanup It will feel like … Continue reading Photo Show

Bridge Crossing

Maniacal train screeching by Hot and sticky sweaty droplets Rain outside, melancholy inside Another day, another class More boredom, a few nuggets learned We had a field trip I did not enjoy We walked the Brooklyn Bridge It had been a year I last visited A very different time Hopeful, happy, with special company Now dispirited, forlorn amidst a disjointed group Led by a joyful, wacky, lovable instructor That’s something at least Always good to make the acquaintance of such a fun person I was glad when we got off and walked the few blocks to the waterfront My camera … Continue reading Bridge Crossing

Actor Born

I have presence That is what I was told today By a fellow classmate most impressed Pleased me immensely  I thoroughly enjoyed my acting lesson tonight I laughed and laughed between takes And I almost didn’t go due to work concerns I really feel like I am starting to own it The teacher says he shouldn’t compare pupils But…yeah I am doing incredibly well; No contest to the others It’s been maybe six weeks, so still a newbie I was awed with the video playback of the session And…I am only going to get better  Triple threat, quadruple threat, etc… … Continue reading Actor Born

Shades of Blue

Cerulean, Teal, Royal, Azure, Midnight, Turquoise How you speak to me, You soothe me like no other The color of the cavernous sea, Creatures spring forth from your mysterious depths The breast of peacock resonates deeply within Oh, how it transfixes with its shimmery blue hue! Its bespeckled plumage frames that gorgeous centerpiece of chest So fitting, that vivacious color for such a noble bird. The color of blue jeans, there is no higher function That comfortable denim, envelops the body A pocket here, a pocket there, I keep my possessions Nothing feels more secure Zesty, smooth, teasing color I … Continue reading Shades of Blue

Promise to Travel

Three years it weighed on me: Lack of travel On the ides of May I discovered I would attend a work conference  In lieu of the intended person and the usual substitutes  I went, I saw, I returned I walked the Freedom Trail, my unfinished business from years past But no longer impressed I love my own city all the more There is no place like NY Still, it’s important to search for new nuggets of inspiration This summer I shall go someplace new No longer hindered by lack of travel companion, I’ve finally forged favorable mindset To travel solo … Continue reading Promise to Travel