About Moi

[Me! – That’s the minutia of French I know ;-)]

My friends are too busy for me. My family doesn’t understand me. I’ve yearned for a companion from the time I was in kindergarten. The years have sped by, and I found myself here at Word Press.

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and will subscribe. I certainly appreciate you! Writing poetry for me is a cathartic experience. It is guaranteed that each poem is written with enormous feeling. Frequently, the tears will flow be they happy or sad. You will find that I am a highly intense and passionate creature. I do appreciate this connecting with my soul as I grew up emotionally detached to protect myself. I was horribly shy and insecure which let to anxiety with talking to others, especially boys that I liked. So I couldn’t date, even if I wanted. Being the product of overprotective Greek immigrant parents, they kept me from assimilating properly into American culture, so I became emotionally stunted and fearful of things. Somehow I developed a phobia of answering the phone, taking the train solo, and perhaps other things that I blocked out. Fortunately, I am A-OK now!! 😀 Though still romantically loveless, as will be clear from the content of my poems.

Growing up it never occurred to me that I had writing talent. I was able to write poems for school assignments easily enough, but I wasn’t mad about it, and hated book reports with a vengeance! I always did love learning vocabulary and still enjoy looking up words that I come across even today. I am a staunch Words with Friends player! 😀

After high school I didn’t write any poems for a long time. There were no poem assignments in college, haha. Then in 2011 I just sat down and wrote a poem again, (By My Lonesome). The next year I did another, (My Dilemma). Very productive as the prior years were zero – Ha! 😀 Two years ago I really got back in the fray, and have been consistently producing works. It hasn’t been too often, but progress has been steady. I will post some of those, but mainly I want to produce and post new stuff. Be assured that “Torment” is brand spanking new! And I felt so much better after writing it.

Feel free to leave comments if you would like me to write on a specific topic. I always did enjoy the think-book assignments back in high school. The teacher would give us a topic or quote to ruminate on and we would write about a page’s worth of words. Always relish an opportunity to flex my literary talent and flaunt my vocabulary! Teehee. 😉

For full disclosure, I am not currently an active reader. I was though at one time a really voracious reader. In my youth I borrowed regularly from the library titles by Agatha Christie, Anne Rice, Goosebumps series, RL Stine’s Fear St., Sweet Valley High, Baby Sitters Club, and copious romance novels set in historical times, (Harlequin series fiction). But on my last day of college, I had three finals and something just turned off when I finished. I was just burnt out and haven’t reclaimed my lost zeal for books. Maybe one day… I am fully into movies now, partial to the comedy and action genres. Good ‘ole Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBOGO streaming services. I only pay for two. Figure it out! ;-P The Internet has so spoiled me! 😀

One day I would love to be a triple threat. The three Ps – Poems, Paintings, and Photos. I discovered I could paint in Summer of 2013, and am getting pretty confident with acrylics. I am going to take some photo classes soon, so I am well on my way! Huzzah! 😀

Now that’s enough rambling about me. I am so glad that I already have a small captive (with free will of course), audience! I don’t want to scare you away when I just started, hehe. I certainly hope you enjoy my blog. Happy reading! 😀

P.S. – I love using emoticons in messages. Can you tell? Hehe. 🙂 Who else joins me in this sentiment?! (^v^)


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