You don’t reply to my messages? Fizzle.
You give false hope; dangle me a carrot? Fizzle
I’ll not be your groupie anymore
You think I’m in your pocket? 
Well no more; I’m no longer interested in you
I’ll not contact you again, nor invite you out
Whatever inadequate friendship we have can fizzle
You might as well not exist for all I care
I’ve expended you from my mind now
I’m just fine to see you fizzle


3 thoughts on “Fizzle

  1. I enjoyed this poetic writing. Question: Does the word “Fizzle” represent the final words someone may say at the end of a sentence or is this poem, not only referencing a breakup of some kind but it also is referring to something else as well? But beyond my questions, I really enjoyed your poem. 🙂


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