Out of sight, out of mind
Yes, I’m terrible
Too easily I forget
How much do I care?
I know you do, deeply
You won’t let me go, yes
But you can no longer be there for me
Not in the same way 
You’re no longer here
Gone off to your next chapter
My new chapter begins too
Though a loner once again
Surrounded with people
Meeting new folk all the time
Running the club you passed on
No shortage of activities and plans
I organize it well, adhere to your ideals
I have a purpose, a mission to propagate
And I languish all the same…
Never having that which I’ve always wanted
But no more help to assuage the muted agony
So I crumble back into myself
The walls are back up
To embrace the emptiness
And keep out the world
To desensitize my soul 
From raw emotion that eats at it
With the disbelieving hope 
That I’ll find the one to fix me for good 


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