How can you disown your child? For no real sin
My transgression was the simple act of travel, that is all
Visiting different cities, different countries
They staged an intervention a week ago
They were shockingly furious 
Called me a punk, a hooligan
Told me to stop wasting my own money
All for engaging in unadulterated travel 
There was no funny business at all
Driving to New Hampshire with my friend
Taking the Megabus to Toronto too
Next trip is set for Oslo, Norway in mere days
Their intervention didn’t work
Through my sister I received the missive
Don’t come round anymore
I am not welcome at their house
They do not care what I do
As if I committed a most heinous and egregious sadistic act of evilness: Traveling
Apparently I’m not allowed to be happy
To see new sites, explore new venues, taste new foods
No, I’m meant to be locked away
Pulling my hair out by its roots in utter boredom
Kept from meeting people and having new experiences 
They ruined my childhood and young adulthood with emotional abuse
Stunted my development:
Kept me from assimilating in modern culture
Caused me to have all measures of anxiety and irrational fears
Made me believe that no man would want me because I’m fat
Attempted to brainwash my mind with hate towards certain others
It’s a miracle that I now prosper, how I managed to cut the cord
Awful prejudice people, I do believe I’m better off without you


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