Out of Favor

Oh boy, what damage you have done!!
I’ve lost all respect for you; I don’t want friendly hugs
You’ve officially proved your moral fiber is skewed
To attempt to pit me against my proven good friend
For an irrational perceived slight
That he never intended contra you
My loyalty is to him always
How could you think I should take your side?
I swore on my honor he was not bad at all
You countered to that my honor was gone!
You proceeded to annoy me on the next occasion
I slapped you in the face, not terribly hard 
But then you did the same!
Outrageous! You never hit a girl under ANY circumstances!
Like you said, when you’re drunk you tell the truth more so 
And you showed your real character
Always claimed you were a gentleman, 
Highly suspect when someone has to tell the world that
Arrogant, egotistical, unyielding sad individual
Is a more apropos description 
Good luck regaining my favor


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