Not Amused

You are continuing to annoy me
I overhead you say “Fay won’t mind”
Yes, I mind you saying that
Doesn’t matter the context
What’s clear is you’re taking me for granted
If I take things the wrong way
It’s because you weren’t clear to begin with
You just assumed I would understand you
But I am not in your head
I can only hear your words and see your actions
When you flip your words you cover that you were “joking”
I don’t think you were
That time that you were deplorably mean to me
You made a joke as to the why
Basically you were being petty and jealous over something else
One quote that I once read: All jokes are half truths
I was young back then but it really resonated
I am dubious of what type of friends we are
I am sure my uncertainty would shock you
On the one hand, I don’t care if I see you or not
On the other hand, you do actually want to hang out 
And with me, that is in terribly short supply 
Even if only platonically
I haven’t physically seen you in a long while
Perhaps I will feel differently at our next planned outing
Or maybe not


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