It’s interesting how:
Some people maintain close clusters of friends
From school days, high school or college
They do everything together
Shop, eat out, go for drinks, travel etc.
I don’t belong
The irony is that I get along with most everybody
Young and old, guys and gals 
Other personalities clash
They confide in me
The old high school friends, it’s rare I see
There was a sort of group I vaguely belonged
But I never conceded it fully;
I kept myself apart
I felt to embrace them would make me dishonest
For I didn’t truly belong
But maybe I did?
They probably thought so
I work best with one on one for true closeness 
I’m not going to weasel myself just to have a group 
I feel like an outsider looking in
Interacting with the people 
who momentarily have stepped outside their cluster 
I suppose I could try to insinuate myself inside
Just to have a real place to feel I belong, but No
At the end of the day I am meant to be a loner


6 thoughts on “Loner

  1. sounds like you’re a introverted poet… 🙂 don’t worry much of this world is not worth knowing and the ones that are will be attracted to you like a magnet to steel… 🙂

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  2. Understand how you feel very well. The thing about being a loner is that it doesn’t feel bad. It’s only when you’re expected to be more sociable and outgoing that you wonder if you’re doing everything right. It’s best to trust myself.

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