End of Summer

My hair grows longer and curlier
The weather is shifting from unbearable heat 
The first cool breezes reminiscent of early fall have begun
How will the last remaining month of summer end?
A lot has happened since spring arrived
Three months ago I had no concept on how to be an exhibiting artist
I enrolled in this photo class
I blindly invited people to a class’ end showcase without having any idea
I stressed and agonized for weeks
I finally traveled solo and got great shots
Time still raced to fight to prepare successfully, and I have
It’s late but all my prints are matted
I’ve not progressed to a DSLR as everyone tells me to
I’m perfectly content using my iPhone 6 and Nikon coolpix camera; point and shoot
Lightweight equipment is imperative for me to use
A camera does not make the artist, rather the artist is born
In 5 months time I am poised to inherit a foodie meetup group
I don’t know how I feel about that 
As it’s been billed, it will fall on my shoulders
To continue the legacy begun this March,
Or let it die… A ghastly thought!
Planned schooling will remove the group creator/organizer
How apropos then that I was the very first guest!
My acting lessons happen sporadically as well 
No doubt I lead a very full life since spring
It’s most unprecedented 
I can’t imagine what will transpire next 


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