Photo Show

I’ve chewed my nail to the quick, one so far
The stress of preparing, I’m a child again biting my nails
Ten weeks of class have flown by
Merely days remain for our solo and group show
My favorite shots selected, spending a small fortune 
Printing and reprinting to get the optimal look
Struggling with nonexistent photoshop skills, (I’ve never used it before!)
Uncertain toiling has born fruit, now I am soothed;
I feel ready to display my work
A natural high for six hours will commence
3.5 for setup, 2 for event, .5 for cleanup
It will feel like belonging to a community
People really are coming to see me!
At minimum 15 have stated Yes
For those precious two hours I will feel wanted, awash with compliments 
By strangers, friends and colleagues alike
At 8:30pm the lights will flash, the doors will close
Us photo artists will be left to self reflect, bond some more and cleanup
Then at last by 9pm we too shall disperse 
An instant denouement to a grand evening
And I will be alone once again
An all too familiar scenario 
Wondering what to do next 
To stave off the lonely pangs afore they erupt

Soho Photo Gallery
August 11, 2015 Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30pm
15 White Street
TriBeCa, NY NY

Lovely Day on Catalina Island, California


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