Paying Final Dues

I will humor you
One last time
Listen to your propaganda
One last time
Drive you for your joint birthdays on a road trip
Visit the motherland far away under your clutches
You think my travel ends with you?!
Allow me to cackle at that
It’s my money; I earned it fair and square
Thus, I shall spend it to my liking
I was not born to serve your small minded ideologies
I’ve said before, maybe I was switched at birth
Probably not, but we are quite different
I am a black sheep or perhaps a golden sheep
All depends how you view it
I took my first solo domestic travel this month
‘Twas most grand!
My road to independence is just getting started
After my required travel with you
I have quite a few plans more to realize
I’ve never been one who just talks
I’ve build up my courage these years past 
Action has begun


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