Bridge Crossing

Maniacal train screeching by
Hot and sticky sweaty droplets
Rain outside, melancholy inside
Another day, another class
More boredom, a few nuggets learned
We had a field trip I did not enjoy
We walked the Brooklyn Bridge
It had been a year I last visited
A very different time
Hopeful, happy, with special company
Now dispirited, forlorn amidst a disjointed group
Led by a joyful, wacky, lovable instructor
That’s something at least
Always good to make the acquaintance of such a fun person
I was glad when we got off and walked the few blocks to the waterfront
My camera battery died at the moment we reached it
Perhaps a sign? Out with the old/the past/the Bridge, on with the new?
I took three lovely shots of the waterfront with my iPhone 6
I didn’t notice at the time as it was done in haste;
I was listening to the instructor give his lesson
But sitting now in the light…Ooo Aahh – I’m quite pleased!
The emotionally trying crossing was worth it



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