Not too long ago I had a crush on you
Tonight you killed the last remnants;
Completely turned me off
My affection for you has seriously dissipated
Picking on me or “playing” as you put it wasn’t funny
I’m no longer impressed with you
You took a nosedive from hero to zero in my book
Yes, you profusely apologized when I brought my complaints to your attention,
But the damage was still done
You never should have thought I was in your pocket
Maybe you rib on your guy friends like that,
But I am still a girl
You should have been aware of our differing sensibilities
I found you to be rude and disrespectful tonight
The way I feel right now I wouldn’t mind never seeing you again
Fortunately for you I’m stuck with you for an event next week 
That gives you an opportunity for redemption of sorts
You’ve promised to make a fine impression again
Do what you will; it’s not the same anymore
I really don’t care


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