Another Dead-end

What to do when you’re sad?
Aimlessly wander the Rubin Museum
Looking at strange Himalayan masks, tapestries, knickknacks
It’s free, was on the list to do, now it’s done
Keep wandering until the sadness lifts
Another foolish dead-end
This one a Nigerian scam – Good grief!
It’s not enough they randomly spam your email
Getting more personalized and complex 
Finding you on a dating site
Concocting stories 
I did suspect it might not be kosher
But not till the “meet” would occur
Was the request for money given
Geez… What nonsense will find me next?!
The saddening part is the fact that in order to feel wanted
There is a specific ulterior motive
The motive was pictures last time
Didn’t know there would be a step worse
Live and learn
The floor yanked underneath my feet
It’s a skill to balance in midair 
To keep from a crushing fall into the volcano of self pity
Stinging tears eradicated, deep breath
It’s over, no more


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