I am too cluttered
My desk is so messy
Far too much to do always
Some work stress involved
I’d like an easier life
Pare down, move away? – Sigh…
But I’ve been spending even more
I’ve begun my foray into fine dining
I know I’ll stop when my group disbands
It’s slated for January with the planned leaving of the organizer 
I feel a bit of a fraud going
I’m not truly a full fledged foodie like the rest
I started going to meet people and try new places
Now I’m good friends with the host
As I have become his defacto #2 in attendance
(I developed a crush on him for a while, but it’s abated now)
So I can’t stop going 
I myself am perfectly content with a $9 burrito bowl from Chipotle
And now my travel is booked
Which is getting pricey!
Will be visiting Chicago and Long Beach
It’s only five nights total
Because I have to be back for my weekly Photo class
My photo exhibition for the class is in 5 weeks
Uh-Oh… I don’t have my shots yet!
I better get them on this trip
My parents were displeased with my going
They don’t like me spending my money
But what is the point of never ending saving?
I’m not spending my rainy day funds
It still hasn’t sunken in that I’m going
One more day of work
Then a real vacation like never before
With not a single soul to bother me
In brand new places
The farthest I’ve ever been alone from home
It better be a freakin’ awesome experience! 😀
I did splurge on hotels, hehe


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