I unearthed my little black book
And no it is not chock full of boy’s numbers – Ha!
My version is from years past collecting scraps of papers and sticky notes
Places to visit, websites to investigate, books to read
It’s from another life
I don’t remember those days
But I do remember my resolve
One day I would do all those things
That day has arrived
A coworker foretold a break with my close relative and then… Independence!
I’ve booked my trip to Chicago and LA (Catalina Island)
My first solo trip by plane next week!
Sure, I went to Boston for a work conference in May
Technically my first solo travel
But that was on Amtrak and I’d been there before
So, no big whoop – hehe
There is a storm brewing with the family
Someone is very mad at me
Feels betrayed by my travel plans
Called me selfish
Thinks I don’t care for them so they now reciprocate
I heard this second hand
The confrontation hasn’t occurred yet
They wish to control me all my life
And hamper my zeal for adventure 
They are the one who are selfish
The confrontation will surely be unpleasant
But I don’t live with them anymore
Sure they still come around frequently;
I live with other family members now
Nonetheless at the end of the day 
They have their own house
And the tickets are nonrefundable


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