Making Friends

At the end of the day
I can only count on myself
Friendships don’t last
People move, switch jobs, get married, what have you
Or just plain choose to cut me out
I’m not exactly sad at this premise anymore
I’ve had lots of time to get used to it
And those that are active friends
Are not going to prioritize me 24-7
I’m better equipped to be alone now
I suppose I’m resigned to it
I will never understand though 
Why I couldn’t make a real friend thru online dating
I did make an online friend thru this blog
To my surprise from the start
I also made a friend thru the dinner meetup group I frequent: the host
Both ventures started around the same time,
Merely a day apart
It’s been three months now, a full season – spring
I’m curious who I will meet this current season – summer
Shrug, I don’t really expect anything 
We shall see…


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