My Plea

I have a hangover from exhaustion;
I wasn’t drinking
Work issues…
I might just be on borrowed time
I don’t like this uncertainly
I used to be the one whose job was secure
Now I fall into a gray area…
It’s a good time to evaluate 
What do I want to do in life?
Still don’t know
What is the point to my existence?
I want to curl up in a ball and disappear
within myself
I used to live in a bubble
In youth and naïveté 
I was happy
The pending future a golden beacon
Unaware of future travails
My head hurts…
The bubble burst years ago
Cannot access that period again
Repairing emotional state always
These days it’s just too easy to cry
What is wrong with me?!
I need a purpose and a love
I got nothing
Tears, cease your travels
Heaven, take pity on me
Give me something…


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