Human Condition

How many people just sitting at a table?
How many listening to music?
How many eating, dancing, writing, speaking
Sad, happy, excited, frustrated, angry, overjoyed
Sleepy, tired, distraught, lonely…
Whilst each is unique the human condition unites

If we could read thoughts it would be so easy to fully understand each other
To heal the broken
To succor the sad
To solace the lonely
To console the fearful
To spread the cheer of the happy
We would create a genuine utopia

It’s hard to remember that you are not alone
In sadness, heartbreak, lethargy etc.
Unsavory thoughts always creep through
If only with sheer will could we neutralize damaging emotion
To fill our empty voids
Patch and smooth over cracks in our souls
Run ragged with occurrences provoking despair

Yes, it feels awful now, but it will pass
I know this to be true but still I hate this feeling;
Sadness encompasses me
Even company earlier didn’t have an effect
Of course they knew nothing was amiss
And I prefer it that way
If you can’t help me, I won’t bother you
No sense having you feel bad too

My particular ailment?
A tale as old as time:
Lack of romantic love
I might as well be the Beast locked away from the world
I’ve never known real love of its kind
My tortured soul is my cross to bear
And the remedy is an unknown man
That has always eluded me
One who will always stay

I read that tears are necessary to release toxic chemicals built up via emotion
I don’t want to cry, but can’t help it
Nonetheless, it does help to wring out the pain for a time
Especially coupled with writing
For me the two go hand in hand
Some day it will cease…
But for now I’m just obsessed with it
Just stuck in a loveless vortex of no change
For years and years and years!
When will I be let out?
Feels like never…
Woe is me


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