My Passion

Up all night, I feel happy
Looking at my Thrillist newsletters
Wanting to pick the ideal restaurant
To take my good friend out this Saturday
I’m feeling generous and want to treat
Thinking, where can I travel next?
I do believe I might run away with it
I have an obsessive nature
When I want something, I go for it hard
Takes a lot to give up or switch plans
My gut is sending excitement waves
I have my music blaring alone in my room
Some peppy Cyndi Lauper, why not?
So many more changes in a span of a month
My other friend tells me to consolidate
But no, I’m still exploring and expanding my horizons
Too many interests that intimidate until I master them one by one
Poems, Paintings, Photos, Acting, Graphic Design,
Travel, Languages, Mixology…
Maybe even culinary school next year
Or apply for an MFA in studio art
If I ever build up my required portfolio
The more I do, the more talent I unearth
It was a long process to raise myself to this level
But I feel my grasp solidifying on the future
I dream of being my own boss
Ultra successful leader, joyful positive effector,
a VIP, a philanthropist, a patron of the arts
I could visualize it – my time is coming


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