Self Acceptance

I reached the point in which I’m confident in all my work
My writing, my paintings, my photos
There is certainly more to explore with paint and photograph to hone my style,
But the breakthrough has been made:
I finally accepted the designation of artist;
I used to argue that I wasn’t whenever someone introduced me as such 
Because I wasn’t sure of my craft
But yesterday when that happened I stopped
My usual first reaction was to say, No I’m not an artist
But this time, the words died at my lips unvoiced
I thought, Why yes, I AM an artist! I really am! Accept the compliments! I deserve them!
I currently have three paintings on display at my alma mater where I work
It’s the administrator’s artshow so all who enter are displayed
But not that many entered
And when I looked at all the works on display
I felt that mine were superior to the others!
I will no longer doubt my talent,
Be my own worst critic – No sir!
If I am accused of having an inflated ego,
Why do people commission paintings from me then?
Why do they rave at the finished product extolling the spirit of the subject that I captured in my distinct way?
Why do they vociferously argue with me to say that I take great photos with just my point and shoot at that, my small camera (No DSLR here – not my style)
And now a new undertaking to explore: improv acting 
I feel I am majorly transitioning this Spring and Summer
It was a long hard winter of being stuck in the past, turning every stone seeking closure, but it’s only a faint memory now
My wheels of exploration and inspiration are racing!
I don’t think I can stop, nor should I
I am only getting started…


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