The Ides

The ides of May I begin a new chapter
(Audience, know that the ides is not just for March)
I’ve long prepared for this juncture
The mark of unbridled independence
How will it feel?

The family can no longer prevent
No more coddling, no more controlling
One must depend on themselves

The weather is fair after the longest winter
Time to fly away
It’s not just for the birds
I always wanted to go, and now I will

A turning point, The ides have always reverberated in my soul
This date especially, a palindrome 5-15-15

I am sealing the past with caulking
Whoever wants may pass through till it dries
The rest be wiped clean from memory

The vision foretold a marriage
But I see now that it wasn’t an ordinary marriage
It was a marriage to my soul


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