Story of my life

They want me but they won’t be with me
Sometimes it’s very clear cut
A new employee that’s married
The first time they meet me
They’re out of breath
Red faced embarrassed
Gushing words;
I make them nervous 
It only dawned on me not that long ago
What the culprit was for their odd behavior
Pity I didn’t pick up on it sooner
When that single man I liked too worked here
I discovered too that when a man knocks repeatedly against your arm as you walk,
He definitely likes you
Now there is one who does this now,
But I know he won’t act
I’ve heard him talk to another that he only dates younger women
Well, I am older by 7 years,
So…I clearly don’t make the cut,
Even with a youthful countenance
I only find trolls online these days
I have made new friends through meetup groups and taking classes,
But dating is a whole ‘nother ballpark
I just fail miserably at the gate
Something’s gotta give already! Right?!

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