Saturday Plans

When we first met, we had quite the day
Saw the High Line, cold drinks at CVS,
Ate at Grimaldis by the Limelight,
Fell on that parade and got trapped,
You bought your first metrocard,
Went to Wholefoods, then Forbidden Planet
And relaxed at the movies to watch 22 Jump Street
Sad to have such fun, but no more
Remember the landmark that became our usual meetup spot?
At the WholeFoods I will be
Saturday, 4/25 at 4pm-ish, second floor
To people watch, eat and take in the view
You could come if you wished; I would like it
I don’t know if you read this blog
But I’ll put it out there all the same
Either way I will go
It is my neighborhood 
And I have business there

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