The Day Approaches

I have made peace with the most important yet faulty vision
Four years ago it came
When I was still naive of the promise of life
I believed I would hit a hole in one
My long wait would yield instant result 
It was a vision that felt cemented
I wore the quintessential white gown
Nondescript groom was the placeholder
Last, the date revealed to me
I thought I would just find my guy and that would be it
I’d be spared the travails of the dating scene
To my shock, disappointment and sadness
Long upheld hopes were pummeled
I was wronged by all I would consider
I can’t even visualize a relationship
The concept just seems so foreign
But it’s better to be alone
As I refuse to compromise my high standards
Even if the lonely pangs rear their ugly head from time to time
I prefer to suffer as I will not settle
Twenty three days and the vision officially expires
We’ll see what possibly unfolds that day

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