Of course my vision of a sprained ankle comes true
A moment in advance
And I laughed in my head, for I thought it absurd
My footing was sure exiting bus
Still I grasped the handrail tighter
As the idea of a fall popped into my head
And then ankle buckled 
And down I went
There was no misstep
I am not clutzy
Just cruel ankle giving way
Without provocation
I hadn’t even taxed myself that day
Weeks before I might have expected it
Walked ten miles in one day
When feet did hurt, but ankles were secure
But not so on this day
Walking a normal amount 
Perhaps I was hexed?
It’d been 9 months since the last incident
But there was reason – too much driving tired ankle
Led to misstep on slipper I couldn’t save
I suppose it could have been worse 
Ankle still swollen with pained stiffness on sides
But I can basically walk
Thank God it’s not a pinched nerve
Is all I can say

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