My Dilemma

I think of you oft.
I don’t understand it. I can’t control it.
Logically I don’t want you, but I do.
It’s caused me distress, and even made me cry.
I will it to cease, but still it persists.
I was once carefree, and enjoyed your company.
Now I feel awkward and don’t know what to say.
A year has come and past, and it’s the same.
Though I can’t speak, I court you from afar.
Pals vie for my attention, but I care not.
They clamour loud to be heard, but it’s you I want.
I indulge them, but not to heart.
Days past they would have filled me with joy.
Now I prefer to be alone and bemoan.
I am consumed by a life time’s search.
I seek my Romeo.
I wait for the day when he is revealed.
Could it be you?
Whatever it is, it must be fate.


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