Accursed Pull

Leave them alone
Don’t contact
They are dead to you
They don’t want you
They won’t be friends
They will only ignore you
You talk to yourself with each message sent
They won’t talk
It’s like the past never happened
Fight the urge to contact
The insane pull to be friends
They won’t date you, and it’s fine
But the need for acknowledgement continues
As someone who should matter
I don’t need to see them
But I must be heard
It wouldn’t kill them to respond
Why can’t we be friends?
I never wronged them
On the contrary, I helped them so much
When they didn’t have another person to turn to
Who was there – Me
They won’t be moved
They act like selfish cretins
They don’t care for my feelings as a person
Kill the urge to contact
The gut is wrong
Stop telling me to persist
I shared so much,
But to them it was nothing
That is the impression that dead silence gives
SHAME on them!
Fie! Why must I still care?!
I don’t want to…but I can’t help it
I don’t throw people away


2 thoughts on “Accursed Pull

    1. I know what their issues are, but it doesn’t lesson the effect of being cut out. The one has a girlfriend and doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable. The other one is facing financial hardship, and depression. That one actually needs a friend, but he has insisted on being alone. I know that deep down they do like me as a person, but being ignored is just incorrigible. I would be happy to just forget them if I could.


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