Pangs, why do you continue?
I have a good life
House, car, job, savings
Friends and family that truly care
Even a feisty canine that adores
I would give them all up for you
Your identity is a mystery and still you can torment me
Why would an unknown stranger have such a hold on my soul?
It makes no sense; It isn’t fair 
So many distractions exist
And yet you persist 
I used to live in oblivion 
Those were happy days
Why can’t I return?
Simple addictions pleased me so
Harlequin books
Now I’ll have none of it
Other distractions provide temporary reprieve 
Talking to new friends
Hell’s Kitchen – that Gordon Ramsay is something else 
Always learning new things
The unfulfilled feeling overwhelms
An absence so acutely felt 
I’ve tried to deaden the feeling
But it always returns full force
So many plans to distract
They all fall short
How many tears must fall?
Will I ever be cured?
Alone in my room I can only dwell…

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