He Comes

Tic tock, tic tock.
Eyes closed.
I feel it, at the tip of my being.
He is coming!
My love is coming.
He will woo me and be my boyfriend.
He will be so wonderful
Utterly incredible
I’ll even say divine,
If he plays his cards right.
I’ll not know heartbreak again.
He will cherish me and protect me,
Never leave my side.
My deepest wish, my longest wish;
I have searched for him all my life.
I feel him closing in and at long last
I will be truly happy;
My childlike wonderment restored
and unadulterated joy beaming through.
From intangible disbelief to tangible credulity,
I will soon behold him.
Woo, woo, WOO me!
I will be yours for keeps, my love.


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