The Artist Named Rod

Rod. Rodrigo. Arturo.

Spiky Hair

Shark Grin

Leather Jacket

Baggy Pants

Dark Sneakers

Artist. Mr. Nice Guy. Ardent Gamer.

Visual and Sound Marksman. Gentleman.

Creator of his glorious surrealistic sphere
He sees the world in wonderful splendor.
With delicate flourish and intense furrowed brow,
His canvas explodes with sharp vivacity. POW!

Ideas swirl round and round with the tenacity
Of the unleashed beast of inspiration,
Beauty represented and unfurled to the contours
Of his mind.

With youthful aplomb he takes in his surroundings.
The sparkle in his eye, all knowing
Shines through with unyielding intensity.
The beast of inspiration goes to work.

Paint. Paint. PAINT! Color infuses the canvas purposefully.
The masterpiece completes! Tis done.
He steps back to appraise and looks to the blue lizard.
The blue lizard signals his content.

Photo from internet:

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