Hardened Heart

My heart, a hardened puck
It first appeared I forgave you.
I thought so myself,
I certainly gave you a new chance.
You did not put in the effort to repair
A fractured relationship conjured by you.
Did you even apologize? No.

You left again and ceased to respond.
My heart hardened cannot be broken a second time.
It took me great pains to bestill the hurt, agony and unending sadness…

A doppelgänger encounter that jarred,
A decision made and penultimate words transmitted,
A chance meeting confronted the culprit.
Agreement reached to commence a friendship anew,
Bread broken days later appeared to seal the deal.
But then…not a word.

Perhaps you are too busy?
But I am not so foolish to think that.
It’s clear I don’t really matter to you.
You go on with your life la-di-da.
Do you even think of me?
I suppose you care somewhat, but it is not enough.

Without acknowledgement, there can be nothing.
I let you go…


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