My Destiny

Life, I will you to fast forward.
I can feel my destiny calling to me.
It is murky still, but the pull is strong
It’s like a fireball of energy in my chest that threatens to consume.

When the day comes it will burst forth and transform me into a Phoenix. I will be alive!
My new life’s purpose will be tattooed into my warmed soul. I will finally relax.
There will be much work to be done, and it will be done gladly and with serenity.

My guardian angels propel me forward.
One by one I face and overcome debilitating fears.
Ravished by a jungle of perpetual insecurities and irrational anxieties,
I am clearing an open road with purposeful machete.

When I’ve built my road and approach my fated destination, the angels will sing.
An overhanging array of sweet song shall herald my true life’s purpose.
Unabashed happiness will sink into every pore of my being. I will become sunshine infused.
Like a fairy running amok in the forest, I will sparkle.

Until then, I must learn and persevere.
Every heartache, every disappointment, it has meaning.
It’s a building block to the top.
To claim my destiny as Queen of my world.
This is my path to take.


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