Mr. Awesome

That was his moniker
He crossed my path
I thought nothing at first
Who was he?
Even my type?
Stood me up
Again and again
Finally met
By twilight’s hue,
I rebuffed him
Ghastly mustache
And stench of cigs
I could not abide
Parted ways
I relented
He was special
I felt it
I gave up
He reappeared!
I was mad
I ignored him
Then did talk
He disappeared
I reached out one last time
He did respond
We did talk
He got mad
Ended things
Tried to forget him once more
Something was different
I couldn’t
I love him
I told
He warned me off again
I prepared a final gift
And poem to part
I let go
He reappeared
Life was tough
He was sinking
Soon would leave
I offered marriage
Felt right
He refused
I did aid
We met properly
No mustache, no cigs
He dressed nice
It was the first real “date”
Talked once more next
He had sunk further
Needed to be alone
To mend depressed state
And now disappeared again.
Eleven months from start,
How will the story end?
Not by choice
I am pressed to forget


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