A True Love

Treasured friend, confidant, you have my love.
Only boy I ever liked that did not leave me.
Missing confidence I did friend zone you,
or so you thought, and so it seemed.
When you were near, I did woo with little notes and little gifts.
You called me your Queen, I called you my Prince, all in good fun.
You never realized the why for my special treatment, though did ask.
I replied, you were my favorite, but the truth escaped you.
Round about I did ask out, hid the truth and you could not be tempted.
When you moved away, I thought you were gone.
But to my surprise you still did talk.
One day you did declare that you felt down.
Lamented how you did not stand out to the ladies.
Well that was false. I had to tell though never intended.
Always did you stand out to me from the moment that I first saw you.
You were stupefied. You called me a darling.
Weeks later you got your wish and found your woman.
I didn’t want to bother you, so very sporadic did I talk.
One day I came to learn that I could help,
to edit some essays and a poem so you could apply.
IT is your specialty, writing is mine.
Though you didn’t want to trouble,
I willingly offered and delivered in half time.
This action firmly bonded.
Now we are close friends and I tell you everything.
You irk me some, tease me plenty, but support me fully.
You are my favorite man without a doubt.
I know you will become a great man with infinite success.
You are a strong leader, strikingly perceptive, full on intelligent,
honorable, hardworking, dedicated, and definitely handsome.
Lovable and adorable is in your DNA.
Though you belong to another, I will always be your number two, and you mine.
Down the line it’s planned to found a business and take over the world!
The only man I thought would leave, stayed.
You are just incredible.


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