Who is this unknown man that torments me so?
The one who would love me till the end of time.
Have we met? Perhaps.
Deep emotional despair to be apart from you.
Tears sting the eyes.
Lonely pangs reverberate within the soul.
Your identity is a question mark “?”!
Several red herrings have come and gone.
Each time the heart rejoiced but ’twas to be crushed.
The feeling is strong, so very strong that you come.
But when?
I can’t not dwell when the feeling overwhelms that you come,
but are still not here.
A time ago that feeling overjoyed in anticipation.
Now it just serves to torment; you’ve taken too long.
I want to be free of you.
I want to forget you though I don’t know you.
Do you even deserve me?
Your felt existence agitates me to the core ,
melded with the sad twinges of your absence.
Why do I need you so when I’ve always been apart from you?
I am just spent.
Please, torment me no more.


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