The Visions Foretell?

The state of desolation and despair
it comes and goes,
but what triggers it, what abets it
it changes all the time:

happy now, crushingly low
the vision has not changed
the interpretation varies

which is real, which is true
can’t know in advance, or can I?

Ideas form, thoughts occur, images unravel
what causes you?
When they come to pass, they are premonitions.
Don’t believe it before they occur, but then they do
Internal strife they cause
Why do they occur?
To believe is bliss, to not is pain
For if they would not occur, why would they reveal?
But still, what if they are false?
There lies the pain.
To be presented with false images? Why?
Internal turmoil they do cause

For were it not for those tempestuous visions,
presented so clearly like truth,
I would have released my claim long ago,
and yet I still linger…
Each week I say tis done,
but still I find myself the same.

What to do…what to do…
The solution can only lie in disconnect
Disconnect from the soul, disconnect from the heart.
Eliminate the scourge of illogical feeling

Cut it out, I do. But it returns, like the force of opposing magnets
Unwanted feeling, I cannot control you.

And yet, I fear to release you, for if it’s true
it will be the greatest love I could ever imagine
and the visions would have foretold.


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