Cruel Life

Remember the fear, sadness, insecurity The hidden world of nascent pictures What do they reveal now? My talent matured, ever the taskmaster prodigious I search for a whole new world… I appear put together, confident, content Though a beacon of cheer for those who cross my path, A temporary reprieve from the internal chaos The truth – I’m crumbled with unfulfilled longing My sadness still bleeds from internal cuts… How ironic the pictures shine brighter now Creating masterpieces effortlessly, They garner unadulterated amazement from viewers Wooing the world as I do, who will woo me? Advertisements Continue reading Cruel Life

The Ultimate Truth

You can only really rely on yourself Sure, others may help from time to time But you’re not their priority Definitely not all the time if ever They don’t understand you either, But impose their views on you nonetheless Invariably lecture, chastise, advise, cajole… And when they’re gone, you’re on your own Steel up now, save trouble later It’s a lonely world with no absolution Continue reading The Ultimate Truth

Onwards, ever onwards 

Bits and pieces, always bits and pieces The vaguest taste here and there Never the whole real love to encompass me I grasp at straws, they turn to dust Left alone to feel alone The alcohol burns as it goes down A last reminder of a date some while ago, And another too, shorter time away Now it’s gone – the last drop drunk I move on; don’t care anymore They broke the bond, my focus restored to me Life goes on, always, indisputably so… A small hope lives on in my fantasy world Things are changing; new adventures await Continue reading Onwards, ever onwards 

Destiny Revisited

Wide eyed curiosity I think of you… Unknown stranger slow and steady you make your way A slight smile plays on my lips Sparkling eyes of hope restored Reminded of an innocent past Too long ago stalwart beliefs imbued I had forgotten… Destiny will play out, despair not I’ve been tested plenty now – I won’t hurt anymore Always more confident; I grow stronger Time peters out as you ever approach  One day my head will lay on your shoulder Baby, at long last we shall be happy… Continue reading Destiny Revisited

The Wrong Man at The Right Time

A wise woman told me not to fret For the right man comes at the right time I focus on myself; I will not be sad My feelings matter more, no more lying down The man who demands my time, my support Gives me lip about everything Shall not have his cake and eat it too! Your actions bespoke of a deeper commitment, Though your words refuted the same Prolonged exposure forged a real connection It is your choice to break that bond now This isn’t a frivolous game to play How much do you value me? The answer is … Continue reading The Wrong Man at The Right Time


Rendevous, you signal me most erroneously  Trick me once, trick me twice – don’t trick me thrice! Play on my heartstrings of my deepest desires You are but a shadow, a silhouette against the wall Promising completeness, always out of reach Would that it were more, Oh so much more! I dream and dream in ever disintegrating style I cannot fathom an end to this isolation  What can be done?! Nothing; must lump it Till a pertinent rendevous transpires to assuage Continue reading Rendevous


Sapphires, do I dare beget? Always I’ve desired, though frivolous Could you provide the cheer I seek? Pretty sparkle of my favorite color Might you touch my soul? Blind the emptiness that exists within Your indescribable beauty may do I woo myself in lieu of affection For no valentine to give attention Precious stones I beg of you…succor Continue reading Sapphires


The veil of friendship is what remains… I don’t respect you, I don’t quite hate you I find your existence inconsequential Regardless of past experiences Overinflated in prominence in your head You operate in your selfish bubble, Close your eyes and ears to reason;  You’ve found your place among fellow pissants One day you shall awake and be saddened A robust friendship disintegrated to farce by your hand Continue reading Consequence


You don’t reply to my messages? Fizzle. You give false hope; dangle me a carrot? Fizzle I’ll not be your groupie anymore You think I’m in your pocket?  Well no more; I’m no longer interested in you I’ll not contact you again, nor invite you out Whatever inadequate friendship we have can fizzle You might as well not exist for all I care I’ve expended you from my mind now I’m just fine to see you fizzle Continue reading Fizzle